Coloplast Global Graduate Programme

A highly-competitive, three-year programme designed to kick-start your career.

Global Talent Pool

Apply for the opportunity to join the Coloplast team - positions could be in our headquarters in Denmark or in one of our subsidiaries around the globe, within Sales, Research & Development, Marketing, Operations or Corporate Functions.

Is the Global Talent Pool right for you?

Are you curious and proactive? Do you want to work at one of the most innovative companies in the world? Do you want to contribute your skills and know-how to a company committed to your personal development and helping you achieve your career goals? Do you want to make a difference in the lives of those dealing with intimate healthcare issues? Do you like working at a strategic, tactical and operational level with highly skilled and motivated people?

If yes, apply today!

Criteria for selecting candidates

  • By entering the Coloplast Talent Pool, you will be included in our global applicant pool and thus may be eligible for consideration for career opportunities with Coloplast.
  • Recruitment positions will vary by location and thus the success of your application will depend on the available positions for your specific region and location.
  • Upon review of your answers to the multiple-choice questions, motivation statement and educational and professional background, as indicated from your uploaded documents, finalists will be selected and awarded. Positions will vary based on region/location.

Selection of finalists

Applicants will be judged on the following selection criteria

  • Ability to put your theory to practice in a cool growing company
  • Analytical skills to deal with complexity
  • Clear and concise communication skills
  • Flair for working across functions and cultures


We invite you to join our global talent pool by putting your business and analytical skills to the test. If you think you can make it, compete today!

Who is eligible?

The challenge is open to prospective applicants from all over the world.
Region specific recruitment will occur following a pre-determined schedule.

Key Application Dates

  • Now open for applications
  • Application deadline: ongoing